Best Women's Running Watches 2018

Ladies athletic watches and fitness trackers for runners with GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, lap timers, split timing and chronographs. Comfortable, nice looking and can track distance and more.

Timing and monitoring are essentials for any training. As a runner, you need to monitor and keep track of your performance on the track. Map your courses. Set goals and check your progress. Monitor the calories burned and keep track of your heart rate. 

There are lots of amazing running watches and fitness trackers from a variety of brands for every budget. All you need to do is figure out the most important features that the running watch should have and then select a watch that meets your needs and suits your style.

Here are the most popular and top rated running watches for women. These also make amazing gift ideas for the athletic woman.

Best Running Watches for Women

A Good Ladies Running Should:

A running watch is one of the best investment a runner can make. Achieve your training goals with insights that you will get from having one of the best women's running watches and fitness trackers. The best one matches your style and meets your needs.

Has the essential features and functions: light weight, GPS tracking, pace, distance and heart rate monitoring.

Shock resistance- withstand scratches and knocks as you run.

Water resistant- not damaged by sweat and rain showers.

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