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Ladies silver watches offer elegance, classiness and understated luxury! Silver is a refined tone associated with the ornate, glamorous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. Silver tone timepieces inherit these qualities. 

A silver watch is the perfect accessory to own. It is classic, feminine and beautiful without being flashy. Neutral and flattering to most skin tones and also versatile and easy to match with other clothes and jewelry for casual and formal occasions.

Beautiful and Stylish Women's Silver Watches

Top Ladies Silver Watch Styles

Silver watches include watches made out of sterling silver, watches made of silver colored metals such as platinum, white gold and stainless steel, and silver plated watches to achieve a silver color tone.

They can have a two tone look with gold and silver, black and silver or blue and silver for even more versatility in mix and matching with outfits and accessories. 

Silver watches can be classic with a white or silver dial or striking with black, blue or other color on the watch face. They can also be embellished with diamonds or crystals for some sparkle. 

Sterling silver ladies watches: Watches made in sterling silver.  They are beautiful, sparkly and valuable because of the at least 92.5% pure silver content.

Women's silver dial watch- In watches, silver is a favorite dial color because it's classic and visible. It is the most common dial color in traditional watches.

Silver tone watches: A silver coating applied on a base metal to give it the beautiful and high quality silver appearance. Ladies silver tone watches are an affordable alternative to sterling silver watches although the plating wears out with time.

Watches made of silver colored metals- in stainless steel, platinum, white gold and titanium.

Gold and silver watches: A two tone or bi color style where the watch has both silver and gold tones. It is beautiful and versatile.

Black and silver watches

Silver and blue watches

Silver as a Watch Making Material

Silver is a precious metal with a lustrous metallic grey tone. It is widely used in jewelry and watch making. 

Silver, like gold, is too soft to be used in its pure form. The purest form of silver is 99.9%, which 999 (.999)  purity level. It is known as pure or fine silver. It looks nice. Very lustrous but also very soft- it bends easily and wouldn't last. h

It is combined with other metals usually copper to make it hard and strong enough for use in making durable jewelry and watches. Other metals may include germanium, zinc, and platinum and there may be other additives such as silicon and boron. 

Sterling Silver Ladies Watches 

Sterling silver is made up of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal, commonly copper. This level of purity is 925 normally marked as .925, sterling, sterling silver or ster. Sterling silver is strong enough to be used in watches and jewelry. Sterling silver is less expensive than platinum and gold.

Real silver watches and jewelry (not coated ones) have a stamp that indicate the purity of silver used.

Silver is soft and does not wear well for daily use. It is prone to tarnishing and requires frequent cleaning and/or polishing to maintain the sparkle. Wearing sterling silver often is one of the best ways to keep it free from tarnish.

Qualities of Silver Watches

Ladies silver watches are neutral and flattering to most skin tones. 

Silver watches are very versatile and it is easy to mix and match them with other jewelry and outfits. They go with grey, black, white, silver, as well as colored outfits and accessories. They can be dressed up for formal events, make great pieces for nights out and special occasions and they can be dressed down for casual occasions and everyday life.

If you are looking for a beautiful and luxurious watch without being too extravagant, ladies silver watches are the best. They sparkle and silver timepieces are timeless.

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!