Top 10 Women's Smart Watches 2018 - Stylish Wearables and Designer Hybrids  

The best ladies smartwatches in 2018 - for iPhone and Android devices. They're stylish and among the smallest and thinnest smartwatches sized and scaled for small wrists and feminine tastes.

Every modern woman needs a great timepiece that meets her lifestyle needs and suits her style. Ladies smartwatches are the ultimate accessories. A smartwatch is a watch, calculator, fitness activity tracker and style accessory all in one compact device at the convenience of your wrist.

They tell time. Deliver smartphone notifications on the wrist so you can view and respond to them without touching your phone. Track your fitness activities. Accessorize your looks. The perfect accessories for busy professionals, tech lovers and fitness and gadget enthusiasts. Why not own a smartwatch and modernize your wristwear! Embrace and benefit from the latest technology.

Have very small wrists and looking for a Smartwatch that's small enough for women with dainty wrists? Don't get discouraged by the masculine and chunky gadgets you've come across. There are stylish smartwatches for ladies sized and scaled for small wrists and feminine tastes.

Here are the top women's smart watches for 2018. They're among the smallest and thinnest smartwatches available. They make the perfect stylish and functional gifts for ladies.

Best Women's Smart Watches for 2018

Best Ladies Smartwatch for iPhone

If you own an iPhone, the Apple smartwatch offers the ultimate compatibility for iOS devices. Apple Watch connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth moving your iPhone's apps and functions to your wrist and displays notifications on your wrist.

You can also get a versatile Android smartwatch that is compatible with devices with iOS or Android operating system. If you prefer a versatile wearable, explore the apple watch alternatives - android and designer hybrid smartwatches below.

Smartwatches that Work with iOS and Android Smartphones

Designer Smart Watches for Women - for iPhones and Android Smartphones

Fashion and designer brands are embracing modern technology and offering hybrid watches that offer the best of both worlds: the appealing classic designs of designer and luxury watches equipped with smart technology.

Ladies hybrid smartwatches look like normal watches but also act like smartwatches. They work with iPhones and Android smartphones.

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Features and Functions of the Top Women's Smartwatches Above

Attractive and Stylish: The top women's smartwatches are beautiful and fashion forward modern accessories that will look great on your wrist allowing you to keep time and stay connected fashionably.

Perfectly Sized for Small Wrists: Compactly designed with feminine tastes in mind, the above wearables are among the smallest, thinnest and lightest smartwatches in the world. If you have very small wrists and are looking for a smaller size smartwatch that will suit your wrist size, you will find one that fits comfortably and look goods on your wrist among them.

Smartphone Compatibility: The Apple smartwatch is compatible with iPhones and offers the best functionality for IOS devices. The Android wear and designer hybrids are versatile and work with both iPhone and Android devices. Be sure to confirm that the smartwatch of your choice will work with the version of your smartphone's operating system before you make the purchase.

Receive Smartphone Alerts To Your Wrist: The above devices sync with Android and/or IOS smartphones via Bluetooth technology giving you easy access and control of your smartphone apps and functions through your watch. View notifications for incoming calls, texts, reminders, weather, news and sports updates, social media email, app alerts, multiple time zones and more immediately and conveniently with a discreet glance at your wrist and respond or dismiss them without touching phone. Perfect for monitoring your phone during meetings and on the go.

Personalization Options: These smartwatches come with a variety of pre-installed and downloadable watch faces and interchangeable quick change bands. Customize the face and band to go with the outfit and mood for the day and to suit the occasion. 

Activity and Sleep Tracking: Smartwatches are also health and fitness companions and come equipped with health and fitness activity tracking features. If you want to know how efficient your metabolism is, how active you are, how hard your heart is working and how well you're sleeping, just set your smartwatch to monitor the calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and heart rate activity then track progress made towards your healthy and fitness activity goals.

Other Smartwatch Functions: Apart from the above functions and the ability to perform basic functions such as calculations and telling time, you can also control your music on your music player. Some smartwatches also have a digital camera giving you the ability to take pictures with your watch, GPS tracking, compass, internet access making it possible to search the web. Some are also watches you can talk to. 

Finding the Best Ladies Smartwatch for Yourself

The selection of ladies smartwatches in the market continues to increase. There are so many styles and brands to choose from. Here are the factors to consider to find the best smartwatch for you.

Size: If you have very small wrists with a 5 to 6 wrist circumference, you'll need a thin and small faced smartwatch that will not overwhelm dainty wrists and will be comfortable to wear.   

Look and Style You Love: Do you prefer stylish and feminine or oversized and masculine with a big face diameter over 40mm? Bright and vibrant colors, bling smartwatches with diamonds or crystals, or neutral blacks and greys?

Your Smartphone's Operating System: Do you own an Android smartphone or an iPhone? Ensure the smartwatch you want works with your smartphone's platform. If you own an iPhone, you can get an Apple smartwatch or an Android smartwatch or a designer hybrid with iOS and iPhone compatibility.

The Brand: The same brand as your smartphone or a different brand? Choose among mobile technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Asus and Pebble or go for hybrid smartwatches by fashion and designer brands such as Michael Kors, Fossil and Guess.  

Then do your research by reading product descriptions and user reviews of the top women's smart watches to find the one most compatible with your wrist size, personal style, needs and budget. With these points in mind, you can then choose the best smartwatch for yourself. 

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!