Women's Watch Bands Guide to the Different Types of Straps and Bracelets

Women's watch bands play a functional and aesthetic role. The watch strap/bracelet fastens the watch to your wrist and also has the ability to change the entire character of a watch. The face of your watch maybe the real showstopper but the foundation of a great watch is a great strap or bracelet.

The choice of band is important because it determines how easy it is to wear the watch, whether it fits around the wrist, how comfortable it is to wear and how it looks. Changing the band transforms the look and feel of a watch instantly. This women's watch bands guide covers the different women's watch strap styles, sizes and materials and fashion watch bands in style now.  

Explore Ladies Watches by Band Material

Explore Ladies Watches by Strap/Bracelet Styles

Fashionable watch bands for women in style now include mesh bands, two tone metal bracelets, colored straps, ceramic watch bands and double wrap leather strap styles.

Replacement Women's Watch Bands

Looking for replacement watch bands? Having multiple straps allows you to experiment with new styles and make one watch suit different moods, outfits and occasions by having different colors and styles of interchangeable straps.

Replace a metal bracelet with a nylon strap and the watch goes from serious and formal to casual and easy-going.  Give an old watch a new life by changing the straps. Here is how and where to buy ladies replacement watch straps and metal bracelets online.

Women's Watch Bands Types and Styles

What is the Difference Between Band, Strap and Bracelet?

Band and watchband are generic terms used to refer to the strap or bracelet that fastens the watch to your wrist. It holds the watch to the wrist. 

A Bracelet is a metal link watch band. It can also be a bangle or cuff style.

A strap is a watch made made of a non-metal material such as leather, plastic, rubber, silicone, fabric etc.

Metal Watch Bands

Metal watchbands are also called watch bracelets. They are very durable, non-absorbent and resistant to elements. They fit comfortably, feel cool on the skin and allow resizing for a better fit. They are elegant and classic and very popular in dress watches.

Types of Women's Metal Watch Bands

Metals use include stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Some luxury watches have bracelets made from precious metal such as gold, platinum and sterling silver.  

Stainless steel is the most commonly used and is often coated through a form of PVD (physical vapor deposition) such as IP (ion plating). The tone could be two tone, silver-tone, black PVD, gold-coloured or with rose gold PVD. 

Metal watch bands styles include:

Bracelet Styles - A bracelet strap is a series of joined up metal links that fasten the watch to your wrists and molds to the shape of the wrist. The bracelet band can also be adjusted by removing some metal links to fit small wrists or adding more links for large wrists.

Milanese/Mesh Bands - Mesh watch bands are also referred to as Milanese straps because they were first developed in Milan, Italy.  They are made from carefully assembled metal wires to form an extremely dense and tightly woven mesh construction, making them some of the smoothest metal straps available.

Bangle/Cuff Styles - A bangle is a rigid circular bracelet made up of two large links. The bangle bracelet is distinct in that it has two or more very large curved links  instead of the many small links that make up a bracelet. Cuffs are "C" shaped and open at either ends. Cuff and bangle women's watches look just like bangles or cuffs.  

Ladies Watch Straps

Leather Watch Bands  

Leather straps are classic and always fashionable. Leather watchbands give luxury timepieces a vintage vibe. Their comfort and style makes them some of the most popular. Leather is durable and will last long with proper care but leather straps can be easily changed. 

Leather straps come in a variety of hues and textures. Types of leather watch straps for women include exotic leather, faux leather, plain leather embossed or printed with patterns to imitate animal skins. Leather strap styles include double wrap and wrap styles, colored leather and cuff styles.

Fabric Women's Watch Bands  

Straps made out of synthetic textile materials such as Velcro and Nylon. The most common material straps are NATO and ZULU styles. A NATO strap has a single-piece construction pulled underneath the watch case through both spring bars. Zulu straps are just like NATO straps but made out of thicker material.

Plastic Watch Bands 

Plastic is very lightweight and fairly durable. Resin is a synthetic material that is like hard plastic, and also lightweight and strong, Both color easily. Fashionable watchbands such as bone and tortoise sheel bands are made from some form of plastic. however, plastic scratches and breaks easily.

Rubber and Silicone Straps  

Rubber and silicone straps made of natural rubber or polymer materials are suitable for an active lifestyle because they are durable and lightweight. Waterproof and easily cleanable, they can be worn while swimming, hiking and running.

Ceramic Watch Bands

Ceramic is a synthetic mineral material that undergoes a high temprerature treatment making it extremely strong, durable and scratch-resistant. It is twice as hard as stainless steel. It is also hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin. It makes for beautiful and stylish white, black and color timepieces.  

Wooden Watch Bands

Wooden watches are stylish, unique, light-weight. Special treatments and varnishes seal the wood to protect it from moisture and scratches while bringing out the wood's natural grain patterns. As long as the treatments used are anti-allergenic, wood watches are also hypo-allergenic. However, wood watch bands may require more special care than other materials, and they may not be as durable as other materials.

More Ladies Watch Band Styles

Expandable Women's Watch Bands- Watches with stretch bands are comfortable to wear, easy to remove and fit different wrist sizes without requiring link removal or length adjustment.

Women's Watches with Interchangeable straps - Some brands offer watches with a number of straps in different styles and colors enabling you to customize the watch to suit different outfits, moods and occasions.

Ladies watches with pearl bands- Feminine women's watch bands made of pearls. Such a watch is also a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry to adorn the wrist.

Ladies colored watch bands-  Colored straps could be dyed leather, gold bracelet band, two-tone metal bracelets, plastic, rubber or silicone in any color your like from black, brown to vibrant hues such as pink, red, purples and oranges. 

Slim Strap Women's Watches: Women's watches with slim straps and large faces are an amazing style that combines masculine and feminine qualities in one watch.  

How to Choose the Best Watch Band Material for Your Lifestyle

The band material type determines the appearance and style of the watch and are a very important factor to consider when selecting a new watch. The best watch band material depends on the purpose and style of the watch.

Dress watches for formal wear have elegant metal bracelets or leather straps.

Sporty watch bands for an active lifestyle include rugged plastic/resin, ruber/silicone, stainless steel or titanium bands. Leather straps are not usually used on sport watches because water can damage leather.  

A nylon NATO style strap for casual and easy-going moments.

Nickle free and Hypoallergenic women's watch bands safe to wear for people with sensitive skin and allergic to metals

Beautiful and feminine women's watch bands include colored bands in pastel hues, mesh bands, pearl watch bands, watch bands set with sparkly crystals, and thin straps.

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Women's Watch Strap Sizes

Watch band size refers to the length, width and thickness. Sizes are denoted in millimeters (mm).

Women's Watch Band Width

The size of the band is determined by the with of the watch lugs- the projections from the watch case where the straps are attached.

The lug width is the distance (in millimeters) between the two lugs. Using a strap that is an exact fit is important; if it’s too small, there will be an unsightly gap and if it’s too big, it’ll appear squeezed and may bend awkwardly.  To get the correct size, use a ruler to measure the distance between the lugs in mm to get a strap that is an exact fit. Too small and there will be an unsightly gap. Too big, it’ll appear squeezed and may bend awkwardly. The lugs are the parts of the watch that stick out from the ends of the case and hold the strap or bracelet. This measurement is usually a multiple of 2mm, but occasionally watches have odd-numbered widths.  

The width of the strap or bracelet also depends on the case diameter. The larger the case diameter, the wider the distance between the lugs and the wider the band. However, there is a trend in ladies watches where the watchface is big and the bands slim, in this case, the sistance between the lugs is narrow to accommodate the slim straps.

Women's Watch Band Lengths

The watch bracelet/band/strap length may not be a big deal if you have the standard wrist size but it is a big issue when you have very small wrists or very large wrists. Most women’s watches are sized between 6.75″-7″ while most men’s watches are made for 7.5″-8″ wrists. 

Band length is often classified as Regular, Short or Long.  Don't forget to add the size of the watch to the size of the strap when comparing to the circumference of your wrist. The watch itself may add around 1.5 inches (4 mm) to the circumference.  

Metal bracelets often allow for more precise adjustments by adding or removing links. Some brands offer extra-long or extra-short straps, and custom strap makers will build your strap to the exact lengthg you choose.

If you have extra small wrists, most metal bracelets are adjustable. A jeweler or a watch dealer can remove links to get the watch to fit. Most leather, synthetic, and other non-metal watch straps are designed to fit different wrist sizes and extra holes can be made.

If you have big wrists and need a larger bracelet, ask the watch dealer if extra larger bracelets are available or contact the watch manufacturer for extra links. You can also opt for watches made for plus size wrists or with expandable bracelet straps that are flexible for a proper and comfortable fit.

The range for women's watch strap/ band sizes on Amazon is: under 10mm, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40 plus.

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Types of Watch Closures - Buckles and Clasps

There are two primary styles of watch closures. The buckle or tang buckle is the same type of closure on a belt and is found on leather and other non-metal watch straps.. The tang is the pointed projection that fits into the strap hole.

Then there is a “deployant” clasp found on metal watch bracelets. It links to both sides of the band and closes via a folding and locking mechanism. Watch clasps come in many different styles and configurations.   

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