9 Women's Watches for Nurses and Nursing Students with the Essential Features

These best women's medical watches for nurses and nursing students have exactly what you need and want- water resistant, easy to read, with a sweeping second hand, military time, date display, and more special features that make them suitable for medical work and for use in a healthcare environment.

Here are 12 best ladies nursing watches that meet the definition of a good nurse's watch. Most of these have a unisex style and will appeal to both female and male nurses. The best thing is that all of them are attractive and go for under $50. Find your pick perfect nurses watch among the following wrist, fob/lapel, and carabiner medical watches by top brands like Nurse Mates and Prestige Medical.

The Best Women's Watches for Nurses and Nursing Students- Different Styles

A good and reliable watch is an essential accessory for a nurse. But not just any watch will do.

Best nursing watches are water resistant to withstand frequent hand washing and sanitizings without ruination. Easy to read accurately even under low light conditions.  They offer different ways to tell time - standard 12 hour, with military time - 24 hr system, and some have date display. There is a visible second hand that makes it easy to read vitals. Some even have a sweeping second hand for easy tracking of seconds.

They are affordable just in case of ruination and need for replacement. Are reliable and accurate with digital or analogue display but battery powered with a long lasting battery. You can wear on your wrist with a band that does not harbor germs or can be sanitized for infection control. Fob/lapel watches for nurses leave your hands free.

Best Nursing Wrist Watches  

The best wrist watches for nurses should have appropriate watch bands and features that make them appropriate for use in a nurse's work environment.

Here are fashionable, affordable, and practical wrist watches for nurses and nursing students that meet the requirements of a great nurses wrist watch:

The Prestige Medical Women's Cyber Gel Watch is a beautiful, stylish and functional watch available in purple, pink, and black. It features a sweeping second hand for easy tracking of seconds. Pros: It is water resistant. Has military time. Has a sweeping second hand. Cons: Does not have backlight. The numbers are small.

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch is a beautiful and functional watch highly praised by nurses and nursing students. The bonus is that it is also great for wearing outside work. Features include: 24 Hour markers (military time), a second hand, and displays the date at 3 o'clock. A water resistant rating of 100 m (330 ft) - safe to wear swimming and snorkeling. A tough watch with a resin band and mineral crystal dial protection. Light in weight and comfortable to wear. 

Scrub Stuff Silicon Nurse Watch has a white silicone band, a stainless steel case-back, and it is water resistant. It tells time with three hands and has 24 hour markings. It also has a 0-6- scale on the bezel and a 15-second blue dotted quadrant pulse ring.

Best Non-Wrist Watches for Nurses

Where your preference or the organization's policy is `bare below the elbows', you need a watch that is easily accessible while leaving your hands free. Fob/lapel, Carabiner, and stethoscope style nurses watches are perfect for this.

Best Nurses Fob/Lapel Watches

Also known as lapel watches, fob watches are watches that you can attach to your uniform's pockets using a hanging device that is pinned or clipped. In the hanging position, they appear to be upside down but whenever you have a need to check the time, you just lift them up and you can read the time easily.

Fob watches for nursing are desirable because they are not easily contaminated and offers hands free convenience. They are perfect for nurses and nursing students who need their hands free and comfortable to perform their job. 

Silicone fob watches are a popular style with a casual and fun vibe. There are also classic silver and gold fob watches for nurses.

Lorus Unisex Professional Blue Dial Nurses Fob Watch RG251DX9 is a sturdy lapel watch for nurses with pin attachment closure. It features a quartz movement, Lumibrite hands and markers for enhanced visibility, and is water resistant to 30m.

Caravelle By Bulova 48J76 Gold Tone Nurse's Lapel Pin Watch: Want a gold nurses pin watch? This one is beautiful and has the luxurious look of gold.A nurses watch that will get you compliments or make a great gift idea, this is not just functional watch for medical work but very classy and luxurious looking for added style as a brooch on your medical uniform. Features include military time, easy to read white dial very visible, and red second hand.

Prestige Medical 1740 Nurse Nursing Medical Lapel Watch is a silver watch with chrome finishing. It is perfect for nursing work. Features include: Numbers are easy to read. Has military time. Has a red second hand. A chrome finish makes it easy to clean. Water resistant. Has glow in the dark.

Bestgrew® Set of 3 High Quality Unisex Nurses Luminous Lapel Pocket Watch Silicone set is a great pin watch set for nursing and medical professionals. Has glow in the dark hands so easy to read in the dark. Attach to scrubs/uniform with a brooch pin.

Carabiner and Stethoscope Medical Watches for Nurses

A carabiner style nurses watch has watch clasps that you can attach to clothes and loops. This style is best for those constantly moving, as the clasps provide a secure attachment. A stethoscope nurses watch attaches to stethoscope tubing.

Watches for Nurses Buying Guide and Choosing Tips

Shop Nurses Watches: Top Brands for Nursing Watches and Where To Buy Them

  • Top Brands: Nurse Mates, Prestige Medical, Casio, Timex, Caravelle by Bulova , Lorus, Scrub Stuff, Dakota Watch Company, among others.
  • Where to Buy Nursing Watches: Uniform Advantage, Scrubs, Beyond, Amazon, AllHeart, Nurse O'Clock, Wayfair

What To Look For When Buying Watches for Nurses

  • Reliability - nursing watches should be precise and accurate time keepers. There is no room for error. Watches that need constant winding to keep them on time will not do. The watch can have an analog or digital display depending on preference and ease of reading time.
  • Multiple Time Keeping Options - watches that provide more than one way to read time enhance accuracy and precision, especially when recording patient vitals. Watches that show standard time (12 hour display), military time (24 hour display), and also have a second hand are ideal for medical time keeping. A day date display would also be a great feature.
  • Waterproof/Water Resistant - a good nursing watch suitable for medical work can be exposed to splashes of water when washing hands, immersed in water, or sanitized without getting damaged. You should be able to wash your hands as mush as necessary without a single worry.
  • Visibility - an easy to read display under all light conditions is a must. A large face with visible hour, minute and second hands, luminous/ glow in the dark dial and hands for enhanced viewing in low light conditions. A highly visible second hand - preferably a red second hand-  ensures accuracy when making pulse readings.
  • Hygienic - the watch should not have features that could harbor germs or be made from easily contaminated materials. Waterproof watches that can be safely cleaned and sterilized are perfect. Hygienic watch bands for nursing watches are silicone/gel, plastic, and metal. 
  • Durability - A nursing watch is used in a tough environment and should be made in a tough material such as stainless steel, silicone, plastic, and have scratch and shatter resistant dial protection.
  • Affordable - due to the nature of nursing and medical work, water exposure, collisions, and stains will happen and watches for nurses should not only be tough and durable but also cheap and easy to replace if damaged.
  • Stylish - function and durability are the most important features in a nurse's watch but style also counts. A stylish nurses watch is a bonus, as it will accessorize your nursing uniform or scrubs. Some nursing watches have multiple bands that you can change to go with the color of your medical attire.
  • Comfort - a good watch for nursing should be lightweight and should not distract from doing nursing duties. If you need your elbows bare and free, you can choose a fob, pendant, pocket, carabiner, or stethoscope style nurses watches.

These Best Watches for Nurses Make Great Gifts for Nurses and Nursing Students

Nurses are passionate about what they do.  Watches for nurses are essential gadgets, as timekeeping is a part of the profession. Whether monitoring vitals or giving medicine on time, it is important to do things on schedule. That is why a reliable timekeeping gadget is a must have for anyone in the medical field.

Fob watches and other watches for nurses are great and thoughtful  gifts for nurses and nursing students. For a personalized touch to make the gift even more special, you can buy a nursing or fob watch with a metal case and have a personal message engraved by a jeweler.

Finding The Perfect Nurses Watch Made Easy

If you are looking for the best watches for nurses to wear with your nursing uniform or medical scrubs as a style accessory and also for function or for a great gift for a nurse or nursing student, the above best watches for nurses will meet nursing needs and look good with scrubs or medical uniforms.  

With this selection of nursing watches, top brands for medical watches, different styles and types of nurses watches, and the essential features to look for, finding the perfect watch should be easy. Whether you choose a wrist or non wrist watch style, it is all great provided it satisfies your needs and suits your environment and work style.  

The best watches for nurses make work easier while accessorizing the nursing uniform or scrubs. They make nurses's already great work providing healthcare to those in need even more efficient.

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