Best Women's Watches for Small Wrists 2018- Brands and Styles That Fit

Here are some beautiful women's watches for small wrists. The case sizes and watch designs fit and look good on petite wrists. The straps may fit or are adjustable and can be shortened - by yourself, a jeweler or the relevant watch store.

And they are positively rated and reviewed by women with small wrists. If you have very thin wrists and are on a mission to find quality and stylish watches that will fit and flatter. From leather, bangle and bracelets watch styles by Michael Kors, Fossil and more great brands, you will definitely find a timepiece you will love among these.

Quality and Stylish Watches That Fit and Look Good on Petite Wrists

Top Watch Brands for Petite Wrists

Women's watches for small wrists need to fit well. With straps made for skinny wrists or adjustable bands that can be made smaller by removing links or with room for some extra holes without ruining something. Bangle and cuff watches made specially for thin wrists or with an adjustable design.

Faces need to be a size that is proportionate to slim wrists. Whether you love the dainty look of petite watches, mid sizes that are neither too small nor too large but fit just right, or love making a bold statement with a trendy oversize style watch. The design and details should not overwhelm tiny wrists.

Last but not least, the watches need to be high quality and look good. Here are quality, trendy and affordable ladies watches for petite wrists. Timepieces that fit and look good on a tiny wrist plus guide to the best women's watch sizes, styles, shapes, brands and stores for 5, 5.5, or 6 inch thin wrists.

Best Bangle Watches for Small Wrists

Bangle and cuff watches can be tricky to buy when you have small wrists. The good news is that there are some adjustable bangle watches that are perfect for thin wrists.

Check out adjustable bangle watches that suit small wrists by Anne Klein, Peugeot, Armitron, Calvin Klein, Citizen, Bulova, Nine West and more.

For non-adjustable bangle watches, look for ones made specially for thin wrists: with 7'' bracelet length or size small - 2.25 bangle size to fit 5, 5.5, up to 6.5 inch wrists depending on your wrist size.  

Best Watch Shapes and Styles for Tiny Wrists

Simple, minimalist watches look perfect on thin wrists.  The slim cases, traditional sizes, and absence of too many bells and whistles means there is nothing to overwhelm skinny wrists.

Apart from appropriately sized round watches, rectangular, tank, slim squares, tonneaus, and ovals suit thin wrists perfectly. They are some of the best watch shapes for tiny wrists, especially if you love dainty watch styles. Perhaps it is because of their slim and elongated profile that complements petite wrists.

If you want a watch that will look elegant, sophisticated and that will not overwhelm your small wrists, these shapes are it. There are stylish timepieces by Cartier, Michele, Peugeot, Baume et Mercier, Burberry, Citizen, and Seiko. The bonus is that they are also stylish and unique watch shapes.

Where to Buy Women's Watches for Petite Wrists

Here are the best stores for stylish ladies watches for thin wrists.

  • Nordstrom offers free adjustments in their stores for watches with adjustable bracelets.
  • Amazon has the widest selection of ladies watches and amazing price deals.
  • Asos has nice and affordable watches that are perfect for petite wrists.

Best Women's Watches for Small Wrists Guide

When you have tiny wrists, your biggest wrist size related challenge will be finding watches, bangles, and bracelets that fit without moving around or falling off, and look good - not overwhelming - on your petite wrists. This guide will make it easy to find great watches that suit slim wrists.

What Watch Sizes Suit Small Wrists?

What are the best watch sizes for small wrists? The best case/face size is one that complements and does not overwhelm a petite wrist.

With that in mind, you can rock oversize styles, regular sizes, and dainty watches. It is all about your personal style, and how big or small you are ready to go! What is important is the right scale and fit.

  • Tip: Always remember to account for the lugs when deciding on a watch case size. The lugs are the metal projections on each side of the case where the straps are attached. You don't want these to extend beyond the edges of your wrist.
  • Would you like to conduct an experiment to know how different watch face sizes would look on you and see which case size is the best for your wrist size? Nordstrom has an amazing guide for determining the ideal watch size. 

Oversized Ladies Watches for Small Wrists- Big Watches on Skinny Wrists

Love big watches but have small wrists? Do you like a watch to have a noticeable presence on your wrist? If bigger is better for you, you probably love oversize and large face watches.

Big watches are very popular today, and there is no reason ladies with small wrists shouldn't or can't rock fashionable big watches and make a bold statement. The key is to keep the case size proportional to your wrist size. 

  • With petite wrists, you don't need a huge watch face to achieve the oversize look. A 38 mm to 40 mm watch face diameter will do for a proportional and flattering oversize or large face look.
  • How big is too big? The largest case size most ladies with small wrists can rock comfortably is 38 mm to 40 mm. A watch face bigger than that is likely to look too heavy, disproportionate, and overwhelming on tiny wrists. You don't want to have a literally oversize watch!
  • If the lugs or ends of the watch case extend beyond the edges of your wrist or the diameter of the watch case is or looks larger that the diameter of your wrist, then that is probably too big for you. Chunky styles that are extremely large, thick, and heavy "looking look overwhelming on tiny wrists. The straps should fit comfortably - as snug or as loose as you like.
  • Watches with large faces and slim straps look great on small wrists as the bold and masculine oversize look of the big face is toned down by the slim and feminine straps. 

2) Mid-Size Watches That Fit Just Right

Love a medium sized watch that fits, looks, and feels just right? Not too big and not too dainty? Don't care for extra large timepieces or feel small petite timepieces are too dainty?

You want to be able to see the dial clearly. You like your watches to have some presence on your wrist but small enough to still be subtle and suitable as professional and dress watches. 

  • Then try medium sized - 30 mm-36 mm case diameter watches. These watches have face and strap sizes that are proportional to the size of your wrist and will offer a nice, proper fit that is not too large or too dainty. 
  • Most classic watch styles and vintage watches fit under this category. The best brands for an exact fit on skinny wrists include Daniel Wellington, Movado, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Timex, Michele, Citizen, Seiko, Longines, Rolex, Guess, Cartier, and Skagen. 

3) Petite Women's Watches

Love the delicate bracelet like look of a demure watch? Prefer dainty women's watches with small faces and slim straps

  • Petite watches have small faces and thin faces. They have watch face diameters ranging from under 20 mm to 28 mm. 
  • Most popular women's watch brands make petite versions of their watches. Brands with petite watch versions include Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Michele, Fossil, Emporio Armani, Timex, Daniel Wellington, Peugeot, and Tory Burch.

Women's Watches with Adjustable Bands

When you have small wrists, you have a hard time finding watches with extra small band sizes for a comfortable fit around your petite wrists. Most watch straps are sized to fit 6.5 to 7.5 inch wrist sizes, which is too big for 5 to 6 inch wrists.

Watches with adjustable watch straps are perfect for small wrists: metal bracelets with removable links and extra short leather straps where you can have extra holes made. With these, you don't have to worry about the band length being too long. All you have to do to achieve the perfect fit is to adjust the bands in order to make them smaller.

If you buy a watch at a physical watch or jewelry store, most of these will offer free adjustments for metal bracelet watches. If you prefer to shop online to take advantage of discounts, you can pay a small amount to have links taken out by a jeweler. Some are easy enough to adjust that you can do it yourself.

Watches for Small Wrists Buying Tips

  • Try on different size watches to find the best size that looks great and you love.
  • If you are buying online, go to stores to try out the watch to see how it looks then purchase online to take advantage of the best price deals

If you have small wrists around 5 to 6 inches, you want watches that are stylish and will fit and flatter your wrists. Finding watches, bracelets, and bangles that fit is not easy but as you can see in this watch size and style guide for tiny wrists, you are not missing out.

There are plenty of watches that suit thin wrists. Follow your preference and buy what you like then wear your choice proudly and confidently.  

Hope this page helps you find the perfect wrist piece to tell the time as well as express your style and personality or the perfect gift for a lady with small wrists!

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