Best Women's Watches for Swimming and `Waterproof' Fitness Trackers 2018

Water resistant ladies swimming watches and multi-sport fitness trackers with lap counters, stroke counters, pace trackers, and more.

If you swim for training or fitness, there are fitness watches designed for swimming that track laps, distance, pace, stroke count, lengths, averages, efficiency (swolf), calories and more giving you a way to analyze your performance and providing feedback you can use to improve your performance so you can achieve your training or fitness goals. 

If you swim for fun, there are stylish options that will complement your bathing suit. Water resistant watches where you can lounge at the beach or by the pool and take a dive with them on. Here are some of the best watches and swimming lap counters for lady swimmers.

Best Swim Watches, Swimming Lap Counters and Fitness Trackers

Best Watches and Swimming Lap Counters for Professional Swimmers:

Stylish Water Resistant Watches You Can Swim With- For Recreational Swimming

Best Swimming Watches Features and Functions

If swimming is your choice of exercise to keep fit, tracking your performance in the pool or in open water can give you valuable information letting you know how you are doing, enabling you to set your goals and improve your progress.

The best women's watches for swimming should be comfortable, easy to operate, and capable of providing the information you need accurately.  Here are the typical features in swim watches:

Water resistance: They have to be `waterproof' to a certain pressure level so they don't let in water and get damaged. These are perfectly capable of functioning with exposure and immersion in water when swimming.

Made of tough and durable materials such as silicone and rubber.

Swim stroke count- monitoring efficiency. Some can also identify the type of stroke.

Swim lap counter- records the number of laps you take. 

Pace tracker- tracks distance swimmed and the pace for each lap.

Some also have the capability to track calories burned, monitor heart rate, record GPS information and connect with a smartphone.

If you choose a multisport fitness tracker, you can also use it to track your performance on land when running, cycling or during any other type of sport.

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