Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Women's Watches that are Stylish and Affordable

Nickel free and hypoallergenic women's watches. The best watches safe to wear if you have sensitive skin. 

Do certain metals used in making watches and jewelry irritate your skin and cause rashes? Then you need watches and jewelry made of gentle materials that won't irritate your sensitive skin. Watches and jewelry that won't expose you to what you are allergic to.

You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort or spend a fortune to have a watch safe for your sensitive skin. There are nice and reasonably priced ladies watches that look great and are comfortable and safe to wear.

On this page are stylish and affordable hypoallergenic, metal free and nickel free women's watches, guide to hypoallergenic watch brands, stores, materials, bands, metal allergies and anti-allergy solutions and information on allergies and irritations from wearing watches.

Stylish and Affordable Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Ladies Watches 

Here are some women's watches made of hypoallergenic and nickel-safe materials by some of the best watch brands for sensitive skin:

Best Brands for Ladies Watches for Sensitive Skin

While there is no 100% guarantee that a watch or brand will not cause an irritation, here are brands that use hypoallergenic materials and/or are positively rated by most people with sensitive skin. Some brands make watches that meet the nickel safety standards set by European Reach Regulation.

Some watch makers share nickel safety and allergy information about their watches on their websites, so it is always a good idea to check official sites and ask questions. For nice looking watches for sensitive skin at reasonable prices, check out watches by these brands. 

  • WeWood Watches are stylish, unique, and made from 100% natural and chemical free wood to make watches that are toxin-free and safe for most people with allergy issues. Their watch backs are wood and the clasps are made from nickel-free metals that comply with nickel safety standards.
  • Boccia Titanium ladies watches are solid titanium watches that also look good.
  • Maui Kool wood watches are made of 100% natural wood without paint or chemicals, making them hypo-allergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Swatch has some hypoallergenic women's watches made in all plastic so there is no metal in contact with skin. 
  • Skagen makes very beautiful and classy women's watches that are reasonably priced. Their watches are not necessarily nickel-free but they are "nickel-safe" according to EU standards.
  • Storm Watches, sunglasses and jewelry are made in accordance with European Standards for Nickel safety.
  • Fossil watches Some people with sensitive skin have had a positive experience with Fossil watches. 
  • Timex watches with fast-wrap nylon/velcro bands where the band is one-piece and forms a barrier between the back of the watch and your wrist so there is no metal-skin contact.
  • Citizen watches, Seiko watches, Tissot watches, Swiss Army watches, Certina watches, Swiss Legend watches, Invicta nickel free watches, among others.

Best Watch Materials for Sensitive Skin

Best Watch Bands for Sensitive Skin- Watch Straps Where No Metal Comes into Contact with the Skin

Metal Free, Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Watch Materials

Hypoallergenic and nickel-free ladies watches are made of materials that are unlikely to irritate sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic refers to pure and natural materials that haven't been treated with toxic dyes, chemicals, alcohol, and have no nickel content. These are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic does not mean 100% anti-allergy. It just means that the material has an extremely low below average likelihood of causing an allergic reaction.  This is because allergies are dependent on an individual, are unique for every person, and can occur from any product.

Cases of adverse reactions after exposure to hypoallergenic substances are rare few and far in between, or non-existent.

Hypoallergenic and nickel free watches and jewelry are generally safe for most people.  

  • Tip: Every part of the watch that will be in contact with skin must be made from a nickel free or hypoallergenic material. The case-back, lugs, and clasps should be made of or covered by hypoallergenic materials such as titanium, hypoallergenic stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic.

Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Metal Watches

  • Titanium Watches: Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. Allergic reactions to titanium are very rare. It is strong, light, and corrosion resistant. It is harder, lighter, and more expensive than stainless steel. It scratches easier than steel, but is also easier to buff out. Due to the lightness, titanium watches are very comfortable to wear. However, Titanium is not an easy metal to work with and that is why titanium watches and other products are typically expensive. Titanium watches have a grayish silver appearance that is darker than stainless steel. Look for an all-titanium watch or a leather or ceramic watch with titanium buckles, clasps, and case-back. Some great brands for ladies titanium watches include Citizen, Seiko, Certina, Tissot, Momentum, Swiss Legend, Charles Hubert, Boccia Titanium, Invicta, Festina, Bering among others. 
  • Sterling Silver Watches: Sterling silver has no nickel. It is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5% copper. Check for a "sterling" or "925" stamp, which authenticates the purity of sterling silver. Avoid silver-plated watches. These may be a brass, copper, or nickel base plated in silver.
  • High Purity Solid Gold Watches: 18-karat or 14-karat solid yellow gold and rose gold watches are hypoallergenic. 9k  and white gold usually contain nickel. It is what gives white gold its silver tone. Avoid 14k and 18k gold-plated watches, as these may have a nickel alloy as the base metal and so cause irritations when the coating wears off.  
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Watches: Stainless steel alloys contain chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Surgical Steel also typically contains some nickel, but the bond in the metal is so tight that the nickel salts do not leak out to cause skin irritation. Look for high grade stainless steel labeled surgical on the watch case-back. A good grade to look for is 316L used by mid-high end brands Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, among others.  
  • Nickel Substitutes: Look for palladium, copper, and zinc alloys such as Brass and Bronze. Palladium is a white metal related to platinum. It is lustrous, hypoallergenic, and more affordable than platinum. Zinc (Zn) is an inexpensive metal that is often used as a base metal. It is easy to work with, has good corrosion resistance, and low allergenicity making it an ideal choice for those with nickel allergy. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.  Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.  Both are typically safe but can contain small amounts of nickel. 
  • How About: Invest in a classic watch made from a pure and precious metal such as 14k or 18k gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, ceramic, or a hypoallergenic stainless steel. It will be expensive but worth it because your will enjoy it for years without it causing irritations or discomfort.

Hypoallergenic Non Metal Watches for Women

  • Ceramic Watches: Ceramic is a high tech modern material used in making watches. Beinga  non-metal, ceramic is hypoallergenic. Ceramic watches are stylish, attractive and safe on sensitive skin. Some of the most popular today and have been on-trend for a while. Ensure that the metal parts such as clasps and case-back are made from a non-metal or a hypoallergenic metal. The ceramic titanium Chanel J12 watch is a great example of the use of hypoallergenic materials.
  • Hypoallergenic Leathers: If you have metal allergies, chances are high that you will also react to mineral tanned leather because of the metal based chemicals used in the tanning process. Safe alternatives include leather straps with special undersides made of hypoallergenic materials, naturally/vegetable tanned leather, and faux/synthetic leather. Leather bands with special pads at the buckle to minimize skin contact with metal and having titanium buckles or clasps.
  • Wooden Watches as long as they are made of 100% toxin free woods.
  • Resin/platic band watches
  • Fabric watch bands
  • Silicone watch bands

Best Watch Bands for Sensitive Skin

  • Safer substitutes for common nickel-containing items: Watchbands made of hypoallergenic leather, ceramic, cloth, silicone or plastic.
  • NATO and Zulu style one-piece fabric straps that go under the watch case so metal is not in contact with the skin. 
  • Cuff watches made of leather or plastic where no metal comes into contact with the skin.

Where to Buy Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free Women's Watches

Shop hyoallergenic and nickel free ladies watches for Sensitive Skin at: 

  • Amazon has all kinds of watches and with some dedicated effort filtering, reading descriptions and user reviews, you can find nice looking hypoallergenic women's watches that won't irritate your skin and enjoy great prices too. Some brands to focus on include Boccia Titaniam, Citizen, Seiko, Tissot, Skagen, and Fossil.
  • Simply Whispers is a great site to shop nickel free and hypoallergenic women's watches and jewelry. They don't have a lot of watches but it is a great source for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for sensitive skin. They guarantee that their products are no-nickel.

Where To Buy Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Women's watches in The UK

UK watch sellers sell watches that meet European safety standards:  

Not sure exactly what triggers an allergic reaction on your skin? Most people are allergic to nickel, a metal found in most alloys used in making watches and fashion jewelry. Another potential allergen or irritant is the metal cobalt. If you are allergic to some metals, you may also react to some woods and leathers because of the metal derivatives in chemicals used in their treatment process.

Tips for Buying Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Watches

Before you buy any watch, it is essential to go through the description, paying special attention to the materials used, and then read the customer reviews and ratings. You can also go to the brand's website to find out more about the watch materials they use.

Pay Special Attention to the Case-back, Lugs, and Clasps: A watch may be made of a hypoallergenic material such as ceramic, wood, resin or wood and still cause irritations if the case-back, lugs, and clasps all of which come into contact with the skin are made from a non-hypoallergenic metal such as a stainless steel that contains nickel. 

Anti-Allergy Solutions for People With Sensitive Skin

If you already own watches that irritate your skin, there is no need to worry. The caseback that is usually made from stainless steel and in direct contact with the skin is normally the problem, but a coating  can be applied on the caseback by a jeweler so that the metal is no longer in contact with your skin.

You can also apply a coating of clear nailpolish to stop the problem.

Some people create a barrier using duct tape on the caseback or wearing a band-aid underneath the watch, but this can be uncomfortable.

If all else fails and you have to give up wearing wrist watches, you can try fob watches (worn brooch style) such as those worn by nurses or go retro with pocket watches. These won't come into contact with your skin.

Use metal-testing kits available on Amazon and other sites that will help you find out the metal content in any watches and jewelry.

When shopping for watches, consider watches made from pure metals, hypoallergenic materials or with special features for those with sensitive skin.

Proper Watch Care is Essential to Prevent Irritations

Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals and elements that encourage deterioration such as moisture and cosmetics.

Routine cleaning is essential. Dirt, debris, sweat and moisture can cause irritations and smudges on the skin. Keep your watch, bands, and skin clean and dry to prevent irritations. Follow manufacturer's instructions when cleaning your watch to avoid damaging it.

Wear your watches snug and comfortable allowing room for the skin to breath, and preventing rubbing and irritations.

Things To Know About Allergies and Irritations from Wearing Watches  

What Do You React To?

There are many different types of allergies as well as different degrees of skin sensitivity. The only way to be safe is to understand your skin and what it doesn't like so that you can choose watches and jewelry that are comfortable and safe to wear.

So the first step to finding the best watches and jewelry for your sensitive skin is to identify exactly what irritates your skin. Armed with this knowledge, you can then shield yourself against discomforts and contact dermatitis with avoidance.

Which Watch Materials Irritate The Skin?

Nickel Allergy

Nickel is the most common cause of allergic reactions. Most people with sensitive skin are allergic to nickel. It is often used in combination with other metals to form alloys that are used in watches and costume jewelry making. 

Allergic reactions to nickel may take a long time to manifest. You may experience a reaction after your first exposure or sensitivity to nickel may develop over time after repeated to extended exposure to nickel. 

Sweat and moisture erodes the metal causing skin irritation and itching contact dermatitis. As the top coating on a watch wears off over time, the watch releases nickel salts which interact with the skin and so one can develop a rash after many years of nickel exposure.

Piercing is a major catalyst for nickel sensitivity. The skin is injured and there is prolonged contact with nickel. 

Once you become nickel sensitive, the only solution is to avoid it.

Nickel allergy signs and symptoms: You may notice a crusty rash after wearing a watch or jewelry. A rash or bumps on the skin, itching, swelling, redness or changes in skin color, dry patches of skin that look like a burn. In severe cases, there may be welts or hives, cracks or fissures, blisters and draining fluid.

Typical watch materials that contain or could contain nickel and cause an allergic reaction include:

  • Silvertone watches that are not made of sterling silver. Typically made from a nickel containing alloy and then plated or coated to give it a silver tone.
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • White gold
  • German silver and nickel silver
  • Another potential metal irritant is cobalt. Cobalt is a shiny white metal used in the production of heat and corrosion resistant alloys, hard metals and magnets. It is extracted as a by product of copper and nickel mining.

However, it is not always that the above materials contain nickel. Always check the description when buying watches to see whether the watch is nickel free.

Plus every person's skin chemistry is different, and what causes an allergic reaction on one person may not be irritating to your skin.

Wood Allergy

Though not as common as nickel allergy, about 2% of the general population is allergic to wood dust and some compounds found in wood. An allergic reaction to wood is similar to contact dermatitis. Signs and symptoms include redness, swelling, blisters, rashes and irritation.

Leather Allergies

The metal based chemicals used in mineral leather tanning may leave metal residues that might irritate very sensitive skin causing itching and rashes.

Identifying Allergies To Watches and Jewelry: Allergies Signs and Symptoms

Not all irritations that occur from wearing watches are allergic reactions.  Some irritations are caused by trapped moisture, prolonged exposure to irritants such as sweat, cosmetics, friction, environmental factors, and other causes. Wearing a watch too tight or too loose can irritate or rub the skin and cause contact dermatitis. The right fit - not too tight and not too loose - is important for comfort and safety.

Allergic Reactions- Allergies are accompanied by itching, red marks, rashes or blisters, swelling etc. This can affect any part of your body that has been touched by the metal.

Not an Allergic Reaction. Just a Smudge- A smudge is a discoloration of the skin or even clothes where dark marks develop after wearing watches and jewelry made of certain materials e.g gold. This is not an allergic reaction. It is just a smudge that occurs when certain metals come into contact with chemicals from cosmetics, salt in food or even compounds in sweat. The metal tarnishes and stains the skin black.

Sweat Rashes - If you wear leather watches strapped tight for an extensive period, or under hot and humid weather, this irritates the skin and you could develop sweat rashes.

What To Do If You Experience Irritations

After you buy a watch, monitor your skin closely for the first few weeks. If you experience redness, swelling, itchiness, or any other irritation, stop wearing the watch immediately to prevent the irritation from spreading and see a doctor or an allergy specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Women's Watches Conclusion

There is no cure for nickel allergy. If you know that you have sensitive skin and react after exposure to certain materials, the only way to keep yourself safe is through knowledge and avoidance.

Luckily, there are safe alternatives you can wear. You don't have to live without watches and jewelry. Can you imagine how boring and dull outfits would be without them! Sparkly pieces enhance our looks and make us happier.

What every girl who has sensitive skin needs are pieces made out of hypoallergenic and nickel free materials: precious metals such as platinum, solid 14k and 18k rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. Titanium and surgical grade stainless steel. Non-metals such as ceramic, textiles, and plastic/resin. And other safe substitutes such as woods and leathers that haven't been exposed to metallic irritants.

Most nice and safe to wear watches don't come cheap. You may have to spend more on a single piece than you are used to.

But on the positive side, you will find yourself a more buying high quality essentials that you love, need, want, and will love wearing. The amount we spend on cheap costume jewelry that does not last adds up over time. By investing in fewer but high quality pieces you will have and wear for years, you will have yourself a much better deal!

Arm yourself with information, get to know what your skin reacts to and use the information to buy hypoallergenic women's watches and jewelry and avoid wearing anything with the potential to irritate your skin. Or find a solution to prevent the irritant or allergen from coming into contact with your skin.

Helpful Resources for More Information on Allergies to Watches and Jewelry

Here are some links with more useful information:

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!  

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not medical practitioners and the information provided on this page should not be constituted as medical advice. The content is intended to provide general information about nickel free and hypoallergenic watches to make it easy to find stylish watches that won't cause irritations. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional. AGorgeousWatch disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damages, injuries or expenses related to causes created by wearing any watch or jewelry bought as a result of this information.