Best Women's Watches with Backlight: Luminous Glow In The Dark Dials

Seeing time in the dark is at a glance with these women's watches with back light and luminous dials and markers that glow in the dark. The hands and markers light up making them easy to read at night and in low light conditions.

Luminosity in wrist watches is achieved through the use of luminescent substances. A luminescent substance emitting rays of light is deposited on the hour markers and hands in order to make them glow in the dark and be clearly visible for easy reading at night or under low light conditions. The most commonly used luminescent substances are Tritium, Super-LumiNova or LumiNova.

Women's watches with backlight have enhanced visibility at night or low light conditions making them easy to read. This is a desirable feature especially in sports, diving and nursing watches but is also useful and found in other watch styles from casual to fashion to dress watches with an analog or a digital display. There are glow in the dark back lit watches in all watch styles and at all price ranges.

Top Women's Watches With Backlight Luminous Dials that Light Up

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