Best Wood Watches for Women 2018 - Stylish and Attractive

If you want a different kind of watch that is also stylish, wood watches for women may just be what you're looking for. Wooden watches are a top trend right now. They are attractive and fashionable timepieces and the unusual watch material adds an edge to outfits.

They are also lightweight and affordable! Brands that make them free of toxic chemicals and metal derivatives offer hypoallergenic watches that won't irritate sensitive skin prone to metal allergies.

Top Wood Watches for Women

Wooden watches used to be blocky, awkward, clunky and it used to be very hard to find nice, elegant wood watches. Not any more. Contemporary wooden watches have the style and design of fine watches and even better. Here are some quality and fashionable wooden watches for women.

Top Brands for Ladies Wooden Watches

The best wood watch companies offering a wide variety of styles for ladies include: Jord, Maui, WeWood, Nixon, Tense, Bewell, Cucuzzi, among others.

The Making of Wood Watches

Wood is used as a case and band material. Koa, Bamboo, Cork, Maple, and Walnut are the most common types of woods used in watch making. Each wood has a peculiar color and characteristics. Special treatments and varnishes seal the wood to protect it from moisture and scratches while showing off the wood's natural grain patterns.  

Wood Watches Review - Pros and Cons

Wood watches are more affordable than a watch made of metal or other materials. 

Wood watches are also more unique and rare and make for unique accessories.  

Wood watches made using 100% natural wood and free from toxic materials such as preservatives, dye, alcohol, or nickel derivatives are hypo-allergenic so a good choice for those with sensitive skin prone to metal allergies.

They have a tendency to look better with age as the patina of the wood gets conditioned by oils of the skin becoming shinier and more beautiful.

Wood is lightweight and wood watches have half the weight of a watch with a metal band.

Wood watches made by brands producing sustainable wooden watches are environment friendly.

They are also easy to care for and simple cleaning and maintaining with a bit of oil maintains the sheen. 

Disadvantages of Wood Watches

Wood watches may not last as long as a metal or ceramic watch.

Wooden watches are generally not waterproof. When wet, a wooden watch will expand and warp, crack, or bend. However, the wood should return to its original form after drying

Wood watches require more care than metal watches. They need application of oils to crevices, such as olive oil, every so often to clean the the watch bands, prevent dirt build up and to maintain the sheen.

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